Neurodevelopmental Assessment & Imaging Lab (NAIL)

Our Work Studies Language and Autism

This developmental neuroscience laboratory utilizes multi-modal neuroimaging and behavioral and neuropsychological assessment to investigate the impact of sensorimotor functioning in children with neurodevelopmental disorders, with a particular focus on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Our current research focuses on understanding the neural mechanisms that underlie the heterogenous presentation of speech and voice characteristics, as well as broader verbal and non-verbal communication abilities, in individuals with ASD. The goal of this program of research is to identify novel intervention targets to advance treatment of communication difficulties for the children we serve.

We Are Actively Recruiting Participants!

We are looking for children ages 8-16 who do not have autism, who do have autism, and who are suspected of having autism. Children of all speech levels are welcome! See our Currently Enrolling Studies Tab to learn more.